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Windows Store Spying On Your Customers



Customers that download your products and make purchases online are very important to you.


Google’s Transparency Reports revealed that Windows Store represents 64% of total complaints. When you consider that Google previously revealed 65% of complaints, you can see the importance of having a secure Windows Store.


The reports revealed problems with the design of the Windows Store, and alleged that the interfaces were not easily navigated. Moreover, some “touches” were said to be too soft and would freeze up at times.


There have been many issues with the Windows Vista Store, including problems installing some packs and objects, and showed a significant reduction in RAM memory used. It is questionable whether users really need that much RAM considering the device footprint.


It is interesting to note that the Windows Vista Business Dimensions Tool Kit that Microsoft provided for enterprises hasCBXN2Go as a separate application that supposedly requires only minimal user intervention.CBXN2GoSpeed increases the speed of transactions with Internet access.


CBXN2Go is a commercial software according to According to the company, its clients include NASA, which uses it for its employee’s PC; the California Attorney General; several Fortune 500 companies; and several confessors.


Microsoft provides subscribers with the .NET Framework 2.0 and Windows XP Service Pack 2 with Windows Store support. Open the EULA.


Unlike Internet Explorer, Software Blade keeps no logs of any kind. It is not readable or executable. You can not uninstall Software Blade.


Watch out! This is a hoax… Below are some messages that you may find objectionable.


This PC can also be infected with viruses like Trojans, adware, spyware and viruses.


You can only download programs from a secure source or you might download an executable that has a virus in it.


Files downloaded with Software Blade that have a virus attachment such as freeware or shareware programs, could be infected with the downloading of viruses and hence the corruption of the PC.


Their is a numerous number of viruses that claim to be able to delete the viruses on your PC but will only damage your machine and make it worse.


Viruses post Infection Information on Virus Vaults that must be read and understood by the virus author in order to avoid the deletion of their files.


When you are ready to download your files and you are allowed to do so, click the Click button. A dialog box will popup requesting some informational data from you. You have the option of complying or denying the deletion of this data. If you are in a Dominican RepublicMurcia Si graceisico (the local government has approved the software) then you may need to satisfy the request by providing documents and bank account information to the CA so that your credit card information does not expire.


Complying with the request will make your browser address bar turn green and generally say “Yes”. When you see this message, Windows exe files will not be deleted and you will able to download the files.


Responding to the message will activate the download of the file created by the virus. This is the worst part. You think that you are going to be able to view the files and they are deleted. However, the files are not deleted and instead your computer is infected further.


I know various sites that have been infected in this manner. AVG is one that is particularly good. Within minutes of getting the site infected they were able to fix it.


Once you have downloaded the files, you will see they are corrupted. You will need to delete duplicate contacts, files and emails. You will also notice that files that were open when the computer was infected will be replaced with files that will open the site up on your computer.


After deleting the files that were infected, you’ll want to restart your computer. After doing this, you’ll have to run through setup.exe files. These are going to tell DOS command line where to find your DLL files that are corrupt. You’ll also find some files that were corrupted after the files were deleted and should be fixed by hand.


After that is done, you’ll run setup.exe once and then daily at specified times you will run get your updates. Run get updates and install against the DLL files that are corrupted. Make sure that you choose the corrupted file quickly because while you are waiting for the updates to install, the virus will be able to change places with the new file.


Remember that you computer can be infected from many different ways. In some cases, you won’t even know that you have been infected. However, there will be signs that you are infected such as new toolbars, strange pop ups, and slow down of your computer. If you are a constant computer user, I would recommend that you get a free Microsoft Anti-Virus software program.

Windows Store

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